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Empowering learners.

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Instructional Design

Instructional design is the process of identifying the performance, skills, knowledge, information and attitude gaps of a targeted audience and creating, selecting or suggesting learning experiences that close this gap, based on instructional theory and best practices from the field.

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Educational Consultancy

Learning in a Complex World

The world is complex and rapidly changing. Children's lives reflect that complexity. Education must keep pace. Educational experiences inspire a child to develop a passion for learning. These experiences enliven new thinking skills and lay lifetime foundations for happiness, success, engagement with life, leadership and world citizenship.

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Business & Professional English

If you require Business English language training that is truly focused on the particular needs of business, then you have come to the right place. All our business courses in Gran Canaria and online are intensive, dynamic, practical and skills-based. 


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Project Management

We have been working with European funded projects for many years and during this time we have developed advanced project management skills, which our team use to ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standard.

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Study English Abroad

Knowing English opens opportunities. Most of the world’s top universities are in English-speaking countries. By understanding English, you’ll be able to learn more through media (movies, radio, etc.), books, and the internet. Lastly, having English language skills provides a competitive edge and broadened employment prospects.

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