Learning in a Complex World


The world is complex and rapidly changing. Children's lives reflect that complexity. Education must keep pace. Educational experiences inspire a child to develop a passion for learning. These experiences enliven new thinking skills and lay lifetime foundations for happiness, success, engagement with life, leadership and world citizenship.

Optimize Your Student's Potential

Moral growth and character development are as essential to a child's education as reading, geometry and written expression. Parents are demanding far more from schools. They often need assistance from educational consultants as they manage the many competing priorities in their child's education. Parents also ask for guidance as they seek to optimize and safeguard their student's personal growth, personal mastery and talent development. Educational consultants bring calm and order to this complex process.

What does an Educational Consultant do?

  • Bring firsthand knowledge of school and program options and opportunities to you
  • Stay abreast of constant changes in the fields of education & treatment
  • Spend time with the student and/or family to explore and process best fit placement options
  • Provide or arrange specialty testing and evaluation when needed
  • Coordinate with other professionals for necessary services & evaluations
  • Follow up with students and/or staff in schools and programs per parent request
  • Optimize a student's academic potential and talent development

How can an Educational Consultant help parents and students?

  • Find a school or learning environment that can enrich a student's life
  • Make learning fun again!
  • Discover and develop new talents in your student
  • Clarify priorities for consideration in school & program match
  • Help families in relocation find great schools for their children

How do Educational Consultants achieve these goals?

  • Analyze each student's individual learning needs
  • Refine matching criteria with student, family & relevant professionals
  • Individualize the school matching process to finalize a school or program list
  • Coordinate with schools and programs for admission & placement
  • Advocate for a student's admission to best fit schools and programs